Patient Testimonials:

“I had suffered from chronic pelvic pain for over 10 years and had been to numerous doctors, none of whom were able to diagnose or help me. At last I was referred to Kerri Westhauser and her treatments have relieved my pain. She is incredibly knowledgable, and what she does works. She is competent, down-to-earth, a very good communicator and listener, and her treatments work; she provides everything one could want in a health care professional.”


“I was skeptical I admit, about acupuncture. I have had major skin issues for years. After seeing many dermatologists, I thought I would give it a try. Kerri was great. We started a treatment plan with acupuncture first then adding some herbs. After several months my skin is MUCH improved. I would highly recommend her.”


“What would I do without Kerri? She has helped heal me from a variety ailments that Western medicine has failed to cure or has provided lackluster results. On the other hand, Kerri has provided demonstrable and positive effects. Most recently she has helped me with pain management. I have been in a lot of pain which has affected my work and family life as well as my health but she righted the course for my body to respond correctly in 3 short weeks. What I really like about Kerri is that she really listens and is a consummate student of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine! She is very knowledgeable and always looking for ways to improve her vocation. I am very happy with Kerri and would highly recommend her services.”


“Kerri is professional yet you feel very comfortable with her. She listens to her clients needs. She is willing to work with your schedule and is always very prompt. Most importantly, she is willing to spend time, trying to find out what might be creating my problems and what might be done to solve them. She has been treating my arthritis off and on for 3 years. I was able to get relief from the pain plus a feeling of relaxation which was an unexpected addition to her treatment. I have been very happy with her services and would highly recommend her.”

Acupuncture with moxibustion, Shanghai, China
Acupuncture with moxibustion, Shanghai, China

“I loved working with Kerri. I struggled with infertility for years and reached out to Kerri to help me on my journey. She is a supportive and positive acupuncturist with an integrity and practice of the highest standards. I trust her completely with my care and am grateful to have found her.”


“I went years ago for 3 months before an IVF cycle and found it to be very helpful. I found the treatments to be very relaxing and I hardly had any side effects from the stim drugs. I have recently been seeing Kerri Westhauser (for the past 4 months) and just finished with another fresh IVF cycle. Kerri has been wonderful and I highly recommend her. The treatments helped me to relax and deal with the effects of the stim drugs. I just got my positive beta test yesterday (yay!) so hopefully this cycle will work!”


“Thanks so much for being such a patient listener and amazingly skilled practitioner. I literally would not be here without your healing hands. Thanks again and a thousand times over!”


“Your enthusiasm and positive energy are as important as your skill and knowledge as a traditional chinese practitioner. I can never thank you enough…”


“Thank you for all of your amazing work. You were not only an amazing practitioner, but also a therapist, confidant and friend. Thank you for making our miracle happen.”


“Thank you so much for all you did. From being so flexible to calling me on your vacation. You are wonderful!”


“Kerri is an EXCELLENT acupuncturist. I have been going to her since 2003, when she worked elsewhere. I followed her to her own business in DC. If you have any doubts about acupuncture, don’t! I have found the healing powers to be therapeutic and soothing. She has helped me with such issues as sinuses, back pain and overall anxiety. Where “traditional” medication failed, she came through. Is it the answer for everything”, “no”. But if you have though about what it might or could do for you, I would highly, highly recommend her services. She will spend time with you on your first visit, ask numerous questions to determine the best course of treatment (if you think the first thing she will do is stick needles in you without doing all of this, think again), and may even suggest that acupuncture may not be your best option…she is THAT honest.
I have been highly pleased with her service, her professionalism, her punctuality and most of all the results.”


“I’ve gone to Kerri for accupuncture sessions for the past three years. I truly look forward to my appointments, as she provides great insights into general health and wellness, nutrition and western medicine. It’s a pleasure to be able to chat with her, and she takes more time to talk in each appointment than all of my western doctors combined. I highly recommend Kerri, she’s the greatest!”


“Kerri is an amazingly intuitive acupuncturist. I would highly, highly recommend her. She listens, is thoughtful in her approach, clearly skilled, gets results and is better than average—an extraordinary practitioner.”


“Kerri listens to your problem and gives you treatment recommendations that make sense. She explains acupuncture and the expected results in terms that we lay persons can comprehend. The results have always been positive and often very dramatic. I refer Kerri regularly and everyone has been very complimentary. She is also very punctual which is important to busy people.”


“Kerri saves me every year from the worst effects of seasonal allergies, and she has helped me tremendously with on-going auto-immune thyroid problems. She’s a fun person but a serious medical professional. I don’t hesitate for a moment to refer her to friends.”


“I had terrible foot pain after my back surgery and Ms. Westhauser relieved my pain and I am grateful.”


“Kerri is amazing. She is professional and listens to each of her clients needs, and takes them into consideration. Her treatments were life changing for me. I cannot recommend her enough.”


“I saw Ms. Westhauser for about six months and I noticed that my headaches were less frequent than before.”


“My menopausal symptoms of heat flashing were horrible. Ms. Westhauser helped me so much….not only with acupuncture, but with nutritional help too.”


“I had hip pain that I could not resolve and I didn’t want to take any more pills. Ms. Westhauser changed all of that.”


“We had twin girls with her help. I changed my diet and my attitude about the whole process with her help.”


“I went to Kerri, because I was dealing with infertility. In addition to helping resolve the infertility, she helped me deal with the accompanying depression and anxiety. I always left Kerri’s office with a real sense of well-being and peace. She has an extremely comforting and caring presence and is a wonderful listener. In addition to the interpersonal skills, she also “knows her stuff.” She was very open to using her Eastern methods in conjunction with Western treatments. She gave excellent advice about lifestyle and diet that related to both reducing stress and optimizing chances for pregnancy. (Less than two months after beginning treatment with Kerri, I became pregnant.) I highly recommend Kerri for any looking for an acupuncturist for infertility or for any other concern. I have already recommended her to a number of friends.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Kerri Westhauser. I went to her to use eastern medicine in support of western medical treatments. She really knows what she’s doing, is always on schedule, listens to her patients, and gives very helpful advice. I have been very happy with her services and would not hesitate to recommend her.”


“I was treated by Kerri for fertility. I found her after seeing an accupuncturist from China for 2 months and feeling frustrated with the lack of communication. He never explained what he was doing, or why, in contrast to Kerry. I found her approach to be much more thorough and informative: she asked me a lot of questions about my cycle patterns, varied her treatments based on where I was in my cycle, ,and gave nutritional advice as well. I also found her style calming. I also appreciated that she did not ask me to come in when she felt it was not necessary. I am now 3 months pregnant and hoping for the best. My only caution is that her schedule gets very booked up, and I encourage patients to proactively get on her schedule ahead of time.”


“I’d like to put in a plug for Kerri Westhauser, an acupuncturist with offices in Bethesda, Dupont Circle, and Falls Church. She treats a lot of infertility patients, and is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and caring. She specializes her treatment of patients depending on where they are in their cycles (including coming in on a weekend to see you if your egg retrieval is on a Monday, for example), and helped me tremendously. I got pregnant during my first IVF cycle seeing her, after two failed IVFs and two failed IUIs previously. She is genuinely interested in helping her patients in their struggles with fertility, and seeing her and hearing her words of support was kind of like having another person on “my team.” I had never done acupuncture previously, and was scared of wiggling with the needles in, but she is very calming and talked to me to distract me, until I realized I was fine and could relax on my own. A true professional!”


“Kerri Westhauser is amazing. Her knowledge of eastern and western medicine is truly profound. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year. Within four acupuncture visits with Kerri I was pregnant! She’s a great listener and her training (in the United States and in China) is impressive.”


“Kerri is the best. She really caters to all her infertility patients, seeing them on weekends right around transfers and retrievals. She also works extra to fit you in and will go into her office just for you. ”


“I have known Kerri Westhauser for many years now, and I hold her in the highest regard as an thoughtful, intelligent, and effective practitioner of Chinese Medicine. I highly recommend Kerri.”


“Thank you so much for treating me and for all the great information you provided along the way. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone I know going through a similar struggle.”


“Kerri has that elusive combination of skill and warmth — what we all yearn for in healthcare providers. I had been seeing her for a year to deal with stress and fertility issues and was about to start Western treatments when *boom* I found myself pregnant! Without Kerri’s magic hands and calm, encouraging outlook I wonder if today I would be the proud mom of a beautiful baby boy. She has seen me pre-, during, and post-pregnancy and after each session I leave her office feeling centered and well taken care of. Thanks, Kerri for all you do!”


“A fourth recommendation for Kerri. I saw three fertility acupuncturists in the DC area and she is by far the best – and it worked. After 12 months of TTC we got pregnant with Kerri quickly. I highly recommend her and think acupuncture is worth every penny. ”


“I give her a lot of credit. Not only did she provide acupuncture treatments but gave me great nutritional guidance as well. I think she made all the difference for me.”


“Words cannot express our gratitude yet again. Thank you will have to do…for guiding me, keeping me focused and calm, for supporting me and for preparing my body.”


“Just remembering how incredibly helpful you were to me—I mean totally beyond what was called for.”


“Thank you for helping to make my life so much healthier and liveable this past year and always. You are the one health provider that has made the biggest difference in smoothing out my bumpy road. Just in case you have any doubts, you are really good…”


“Kerri is a compassionate and skilled practioner. She has helped me find relief from severe chronic back pain and issues related to tinittus. Not only does she possess a high degree of expertise but is an active listener who really cares about her patients. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


“Kerri is a knowledgable and compassionate practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Her commitment to the science and practice of TCM is evident. In addition to her skills as a practitioner, Kerri is professional and easy to work with.”


“Kerri cares about her patients and develops a personal relationship with them. She has excellent bedside manner and is dedicated to getting the best results for each patient. I highly recommend her.”


“Kerri is a superbly talented professional, devoted to her field and extremely conscientious about her work. She thinks creatively about solving complex health challenges. And, she is also a pleasure to spend time with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“If you are seeing Kerri rest assured that you are getting the very best treatment. She is a wonderful acupuncturist — knows her field very well and more importantly also takes the time and effort to explain and help you understand the treatment and what you need to do to keep in good health. I definitely feel very lucky that I have found such a good doctor. Consider yourself to be in the best of hands if you are seeing Kerri.”


“I have seen many acupuncturists over the years and I can say without hesitation that Kerri Westhauser is among the very best. She is passionate about her work, personable with her patients, and pleasant to be around. She is always willing to listen and work with you to better understand not only your physical and health concerns, but you as a person. I highly recommend her services.”


“I am so grateful to Kerri! I began seeing her after a miscarriage, wanting help getting pregnant again and to protect myself from another one. The hour I spent in her office quickly became my favorite of the week. She gives great advice, but more importantly, really listens. I always felt much more relaxed and ready to deal with the challenges ahead after seeing her. And, best of all, I got pregnant and now have a healthy baby boy. Kerri later treated me for exhaustion after my son was born and I felt more energy and less anxiety immediately. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and have done so many times already.”


“Loved her. She helped reset everything after my miscarriage and was amazing with some back/sciatic issues as well. She was really willing to listen too…shared and was receptive to receiving information from my chiropractor and massage therapist so that there was a cohesiveness to the treatments I was receiving. I felt like a kid in school carrying notes back and forth! Her demeanor is very calm and thorough.”


“Thank you again for all your help while we were trying to conceive. You were such a great coach to me while I was going through my journey. You were an integral part in helping me through the process.”


“I am pregnant! I am so surprised…only one cycle with the acupuncture and here we are! Just wanted to thank you for everything and give your other patients another success story to hear.”


“Kerri is extremely knowledgeable in her craft as an acupuncturist and how to apply her skills in whatever situation presents itself. She also has a wonderful energy about her and is a caring and compassionate person.”


“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Ms. Westhauser. I was extremely sick during my first pregnancy and after a few acupuncture sessions, my nausea lessened. When I was ready to become pregnant again, I returned to Kerri and was successful only under her care. I do not like needles at all, but the acupuncture never hurt, and was actually very pleasant and relaxing. Kerri is very knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. She really understands women’s bodies and cycles, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. I highly recommend her for acupuncture in general, but make an appointment if you want to get pregnant or are having any problems with your pregnancy.”


“Thank you so much for all of your care and amazing understanding. You, more than anyone, has really made a positive difference in how I feel–physically, emotionally and spiritually. You’re my anchor.”


“I really like her approach and found my sessions to be incredibly relaxing, which was important to me for success. She gave me great advice that I think really made the difference in the end.”


“Thank you for what you do. Last week you were so wonderful on a classic overwhelming day. You truly helped me focus and breathe and I felt much better.”


If you have never tried acupuncture, then Kerri would be a great first start. While possibly not being for everyone, if the idea of at least seeing what it is all about (after all 6 billion Chinese can’t be wrong) Kerri will ease your mind. She will start with a consultation and discuss any issues you feel you may have and how acupuncture may, or may not, assist. This diagnosis is very thorough and concise, so be prepared. The actual needle portion is painless. I have gone to her for almost 10 years, and she has helped me with numerous issues from sinus to pain control to weight control. She is through, caring, accommodating, sincere and honest. I would not go to anyone else, and I have tried others.


“I feel very fortunate that I met her and did not listen to the doctors that told me I had little to no chance of conceiving on my own.”