Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Blackboard Essentials


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Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Blackboard Basics

“Kerri has an amazing insight into the fundamental building blocks of Chinese medicine. Her Blackboard Basic approach provided me with a deeper understanding of individual Chinese herbs and how they can be used. This approach has fine tuned my ability to create truly custom formulas for my patients that are much more effective. This course is a must for anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine.”

This course is the foundation to all other courses to follow in the Strategies and Refinement series. Blackboard Essentials alone will greatly improve clinical efficacy in all areas. This course will teach students how to rethink and refine diagnosis from how they were previously taught. Moving seamlessly from symptoms to precise diagnostic distinctions to elegant formulas and strategies, while simultaneously moving away from merely modifying existing formulas in an attempt to fit a patient’s complex presentation into them. This course will also emphasize supporting normal physiology as a means to hand back normal function to the body, and in doing so resolve disharmony.

-learn strategies which lead to a faster and more precise diagnosis

-develop formulas that emphasize the nature, flavors and affinities of individual ingredients

-formulate treatment plans that maximize efficacy

CEUs pending: 13

Dates and location: April 8-9, Hilton Garden Inn, 8241 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD

Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Blackboard Essentials