Student Testimonial:

“Kerri has helped my diagnosis move beyond the limiting standard dogma and transcend to a position of creating custom formulas with precision and comfort. The clearing and then tonifying concept, while simple, has been revelatory and empowering. Kerri teaches this with ease and seamlessness in the same way: by clearing out turbid mentalities around diagnosis and allowing for true insight to shine. I highly recommend her classes!”

“If you haven’t attended one of her courses or worked with her in the Herb clinic, you’re in for a treat! My personal experience after attending her course is that herbs became more accessible and less esoteric to me.

Kerri doesn’t do “categories”, its simply: here is the presentation, what herbs would treat these phenomena. Also her method of alternately presenting information, then a case study exercise reduced learning & application to digestible chunks.”

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Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Blackboard Essentials

“Kerri has an amazing insight into the fundamental building blocks of Chinese medicine. Her Blackboard Basic approach provided me with a deeper understanding of individual Chinese herbs and how they can be used. This approach has fine tuned my ability to create truly custom formulas for my patients that are much more effective. This course is a must for anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine.”

This course is the foundation to all other courses to follow in the Strategies and Refinement series. Blackboard Essentials alone will greatly improve clinical efficacy in all areas. This course will teach students how to rethink and refine diagnosis from how they were previously taught. Moving seamlessly from symptoms to precise diagnostic distinctions to elegant formulas and strategies, while simultaneously moving away from merely modifying existing formulas in an attempt to fit a patient’s complex presentation into them. This course will also emphasize supporting normal physiology as a means to hand back normal function to the body, and in doing so resolve disharmony.

-learn strategies which lead to a faster and more precise diagnosis

-develop formulas that emphasize the nature, flavors and affinities of individual ingredients, including proper use of pao zhi and dui yao

-formulate treatment plans that maximize efficacy by utilizing root/branch theory, burner regulation and dosing strategies

CEUs NCCAOM approved 13

Dates and location:April 8-9, Hilton Garden Inn, 8241 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD     $325

Chinese Herbal Strategies and Refinements: Gynecology

This course is the second in the Strategies and Refinement series. Building on the methodology of Blackboard Basics, the Gynecology weekend focuses on correct timing and dosing of herbal formulas as they relate to the menstural cycle’s normal physiology and disharmony. Utilizing the power of the nature and flavor of herbs making formulas energetically correct.

Focusing on concise and elegant formulas that are correctly refined with pao zhi, dui yao and burner regulation.

Included in this course is utilizing the strength and versatility of herbal medicine in working with IUI, IVF, DE and Male Factor for mitigating side effects and maximizing outcomes.

-learn strategies which lead to a faster and more precise diagnosis, giving equal weight to zang-fu, four level and three burner theories

-develop formulas that emphasize correct timing, dose and refinements (pao zhi) as they relate to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and to Male Factor

-formulate treatment plans that encourage the normal functioning of the reproductive system rather than only targeting the pathological

CEUs NCCAOM approved 13

Dates and location: Oct 14-15, Hilton Garden Inn, 8241 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD     $325

Chinese Herbal Strategies & Refinements: Difficult Disorders, Autoimmune

This course spans the correct diagnosis, timing and refinement of Chinese Herbal formulas as they relate to the complex spectrum of Autoimmune disorders. (Psoriasis, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease) This course also reflects back to the SuWen and Lingshu for guidance on ways of preventing the breakdown of the body which leads to Autoimmune conditions.

-learn the correct nature of life giving Wind and Qi and the unhealthy influences that deprive our inner radiance

-develop a working understanding of Autoimmune etiology and pathology as they relate to the formulation of Chinese herbal formulas

-formulate treatment plans that focus on draining and settling an unregulated system before securing and tonifying

CEUs NCCAOM approved 13

Dates and location: Dec 9-10 Columbia, MD     $325